• Licensed Site Professional
  • Environmental Assessment, Remedial Design and Oversight
  • Expert Service to Counsel
  • Assessment and Removal Actions for Harmful Algae Blooms and Excess Nutrients.
  • Site Development Support


We are very diligent and love what we do.  We think it shows in our work product and client relationships.

We are always on the lookout for more efficient, robust and cost effective solutions for clients.


“We recommend Higgins Environmental Associates, Inc. to all our clients.  They get the job done ."


Its an integral part of everything we do from clients to regulatory personnel.  We are known for the high quality of written communication.



Attorney in Boston,MA


Higgins Environmental Associates, Inc. uses industry standard and client specific assessment methods.


Environmental consultants


been there.  done that.  shared knowledge.

Lets be honest.  If you have an environmental issue you want it resolved professionally, at a reasonable price, and with any other hassles minimized.  We believe that the best way to achieve superior results is to have our most experienced staff on the ground working for you.  Most of our clients are repeat or referral only.